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Along the Roadside uniquely pairs Varnie, a self-proclaimed “sailor who has left one shore but hasn’t yet reached the other” and Nena, “life is a state of mind” kind of girl, in a story about two people from different parts of the world whose paths cross and cultures clash on their journey of self-discovery during the drive to a music festival in California.

In Addition, Along the Roadside uniquely pairs Youtube talent (Alphacat, GlowPinkstah, GradualReport, SuperEd86, Hiimrawn, Mijotolex, Mcgoiter, Jesslizama, etc.) with Hollywood (Micheal Madsen, Craig Collins, Alejandro Patino) as well as International (Palm D’Or Winning “Underground’s” lead Lazar Ristovski and Faust nominee Angelina Haentsch) stars.

Metakwon Filmworks is a motion pictures production company founded by two brothers, Vladimir and Zoran Lisinac, which aims to make great films people love, while bringing the Cinema of Open Veins to the global audience and marketplace.

Metakwon Filmworks is a division of Metakwon LLC – a multi-media production company turning wishes into passions.


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